MTN Eswatini states that at the present moment they will start with two sites in the country to trial the 5G technology, and then proceed to commercialize the technology next year. As a result of this launch, the Kingdom of Eswatini is now the 6th country in Africa to roll out 5G technology.

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By Ntokozo Nkambule

The Kingdom of Eswatini is now the 6th country in the African continent to launch the 5G technology. This follows that MTN Eswatini in partnership with Huawei Technologies has officially launched 5G Technology in the country. It must be observed, however, that this is a trial launch, as the company looks to fully commercialize the technology next year.

According to Wikipedia, 5G technology refers to fifth-generation wireless cellular technology, engineered to increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. With 5G, data is transmitted over wireless broadband connections that can travel at multigigabit speeds, with potential peak speeds as high as 20 gigabits per second by some estimates.

MTN Eswatini’s Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sibusiso Nhleko in his address noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has already accelerated technological transformation, and the launch of the 5G technology will only aid that transformation. He said 5G technology is meant to deliver higher multiple data speeds and improve the performance and efficiency of the user experience by empowering new experiences.

“We believe that 5G technology will provide an opportunity for everyone to be virtually connected, including machines and objects and devices, as we move to the Internet of Things (IoT). We also have security enhancements on 5G, stronger cryptographic algorithms, which is basically data protection, stronger user protection, and enhanced roaming experience” Nhleko noted.

The Acting CEO said it was important to clarify that this was the first stage, which is the pilot stage, and they believe that they will then commercialize the technology next year. “In terms of deployment, we will start with two sites in the country, as we go through this trial phase. We believe that by next year we will be able to commercialize this technology,” he said.

Furthermore, Nhleko appreciated the Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM) for affording them the spectrum to trial the technology. He said the regulator has created an enabling environment for industry players to operate, which must be applauded.

MTN Eswatini’s Chief Technology and Information Officer Lindani Dlamini echoed his CEO’s sentiments regarding 5G technology, stating that data speeds will improve tremendously. He said as industries evolve it is important that as a country we get closer to real-time services, especially in terms of data. Dlamini said as MTN they will ensure that they work on improving security, as there will be a number of businesses operating on 5G.

“A number of industries will operate on 5G technology, so security is pivotal. A lot of integration is anticipated; we anticipate the medical industry operating on this technology. We will also ensure that we keep moving the needle, as you can see that we are the trendsetters in the country” Dlamini posited.

Worth noting is that MTN Eswatini has partnered with Huawei Technologies to pilot the 5G technology in the country. Huawei South Africa representative, who was also present during the launch said the step taken by MTN Eswatini is highly commendable as 5G technology will be one of the most important drivers of innovation and economic growth.

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