FNB Eswatini Pumps E430,000 Towards EITF 2024

By Phiwa Sikhondze

In a significant show of support for local businesses and entrepreneurs, First National Bank Eswatini has announced a sponsorship of E430,000 for the Eswatini International Trade Fair (EITF) 2024.

The commitment was revealed by Zethu Dlamini, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of FNB Eswatini, during the fair’s official launch event. Representing FNB Eswatini CEO – Dennis Mbingo, the CMO highlighted the bank’s ongoing commitment to fostering business growth and innovation in Eswatini.

She said the sponsorship underscores the bank’s dedication to creating opportunities for businesses to thrive and facilitate meaningful connections that drive economic growth.

The sponsorship from FNB includes a notable contribution of E230,000 through WesBank towards the Win-A-Car competition, marking an increase from last year’s 200,000. This gesture is part of FNB’s broader initiative to encourage participation and excitement around the Trade Fair.

Additionally, the bank has pledged E200,000 to support business seminars, which are designed to empower local entrepreneurs and foster business innovation. These seminars aim to nurture entrepreneurial talent and foster knowledge exchange among local businesses. Last year’s seminars were highly successful, and this year’s sponsorship aims to build on that momentum, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dlamini also emphasized the importance of creating platforms for business connections and growth.

“Our help is not just about financial support; it’s about creating platforms that enable businesses to connect, innovate, and grow. With this sponsorship, FNB Eswatini is not only contributing financially but also reinforcing its position as a key player in the economic development of the country, she noted.

Another key sponsor for this year’s EITF is Jenny Internet Eswatini, who announced a sponsorship of Wi-Fi services and access worth E250 000. Ndumiso Sifundza from Jenny Internet stated that their initiative aims to ensure seamless connectivity for all attendees, underscoring their commitment to bridging the digital divide in Eswatini.

By providing free Wi-Fi throughout the Mavuso Trade Centre during the Trade Fair, they hope to facilitate enhanced networking, digital transactions, and overall participant experience. Sifundza emphasized the importance of connectivity in today’s e-commerce landscape and expressed excitement about enabling a robust digital platform for the Trade Fair.

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