Companies That Give Back To Society Should Receive Tax Rebates- SWAGAA

By Sizwe Dlamini

The Executive Director of the Swatini Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA) Nonhlanhla Dlamini has asked the government to consider tax rebates for companies that give back to society.

Dlamini was speaking at the Royal Villas when the FNB Eswatini Foundation donated E1.927 million to three organizations, namely the Eswatini Environment Authority (EEA), Kwakha Indvodza, and the Swatini Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA).

SWAGAA received a staggering E944 000 from the Foundation.

Dlamini highlighted that if the government considered tax rebates for helpful companies it would create a ripple effect resulting in more companies being involved in philanthropy

“I stand before you, humbled and deeply grateful for the continuous support from the FNB Foundation. This donation is not just a contribution but it’s a testament to the unwavering commitment that the foundation has in fighting gender-based violence.”

“We are acutely aware of the recent surge in GBV cases in the kingdom. And your support arrives at a very critical moment. This renewed partnership will allow our staff to strengthen our response to various cases. It is important to mention that even SWAGGA staff suffer from trauma and have almost become numb to the constant reports of GBV. FNB Eswatini’s Foundation serves as a beacon of hope not only for the victims of GBV but for the SWAGGA organization.”

It is important to clarify that the Chief Executive Officer of FNB Eswatini noted that the Foundation is tax-exempt, which is something they strongly appreciate.

“We urge other companies to emulate what the Foundation is doing. We also want the government to consider tax rebates for companies such as the FNB Foundation that give back to society. This will not only benefit the foundation or the NGOs, but it will also create ripple effects and encourage more businesses to invest in corporate social responsibility” she said.

Dlamini then encouraged more people and companies to bank with FNB because the bank charges go back to the community.

 “We would like to change FNB’s name from First National Bank to our Favourite National Bank,” she said.

Dlamini also promised to provide quarterly reports that demonstrate how the funds that SWAGGA where receiving from the FNB Foundation were being used.

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