Business Eswatini states that removing the current E3.85 per litre fuel levy would help ease the burden on motorists and public transport operators in the country.

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By Phesheya Mkhonta

Business Eswatini (BE) has called upon the House of Senate to scrap the current E3.85 per litre fuel levy. The business body had been invited by the House of Senate to make presentations to members of the Parliament Finance Portfolio Committee on the proposed increase of the fuel levy, as per the Fuel Tax Bill 2022.

In an article written to their members, BE Chief Executive Officer, Nathi Dlamini, said scrapping off the current fuel levy would help ease the burden on motorists and public transport operators. The fuel price has been soaring in the country and region, particularly because of ongoing tension in Russia and Ukraine. BE in its application acknowledges that scrapping off the fuel levy will not happen overnight, but hopes for consideration from the House of Senate. “We can only hope that this particular submission will be debated in the house in due course” notes the BE CEO.

The Senate of Eswatini is the upper chamber of the country’s bicameral Parliament. The Senate may debate or pass a bill, with the exception of a “money bill”, which must first be introduced in the lower chamber, the House of Assembly.

Dlamini noted that on the issue of the proposed fuel levy increase, they vigorously opposed it. “Prompted by the fact that an increase in the price of fuel would have a domino effect on prices of all other goods and services; and recognizing the current economic climate in which we find ourselves, we had to vigorously push back on the bill. However, we are pleased to report that Senate seemed to be one-minded with us, at least in terms of holding the increase in abeyance. As Business Eswatini we are grateful to the honourable senators for taking our submissions seriously” he said

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