A Children’s Book on Financial Literacy Is in the Pipeline

Award-winning author, KC Rottok Chesaina says he is working on a children’s book that will focus on financial literacy.

The renowned financial expert and ‘Masters of Money’ author revealed this information during his book launch at Mountain View in Mbabane last Friday.

Worth noting is that the accomplished author was hosted by the Leadership Growth Forum, an Eswatini non-profit entity that seeks to engage renowned experts who are globally celebrated- to empower emaSwati in different fields.

Chesaina was launching his bestseller books ‘Masters of Money’ and ‘The CEO X Factor’ at a sold-out event which was graced by over 80 emaSwati from different sectors.

During the ‘question and answer’ session with attendees, the author revealed that he was putting together a children’s version of ‘The CEO X Factor book, stating that the book would debut next year.

“It is fundamental that children also learn about financial literacy at a tender age. To accommodate them, the book will be colourful and have a lot of pictures,” said Cheisana.

During his deliberation, the award-winning Chartered Accountant also mentioned that his two books were motivated by the fact that an organization became successful if the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) worked in harmony.

“CEOs are usually the strategists and CFOs work out the financials to meet the ideas for successful implementation. So, the two books seek to derive expert information from both CFOs and CEOs and their working strategies.

“One book has 31 CEOs and the other 31 CFOs. Each chapter concentrates on the working methods of each CEO and CFO,” he explained.

The author highlighted that the main barometer in the criteria he used in selecting experts in his books was integrity.

KC Rottok Chesaina is a financial reporting expert and a specially accredited advisor by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). He is an award-winning Chartered Accountant having been listed among the Top 35 under 35 accountants by Accountancy SA in 2015. He was also listed in the top 40 under 40 by Business Daily Africa.

Chesaina is also a best-selling author having published his widely acclaimed debut book Masters of Money in 2022 and The CEO X Factor in 2023. He is an entrepreneur and founder of The African Professional magazine and The SA Professional Services Awards.

He holds a Master of Commerce degree as well as creative and financial journalism qualifications from the University of Witwatersrand.

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