Eswatini Beverages Upgrades to Gold Membership Status with Business Eswatini

In another show of loyalty and commitment to the local business ecosystem, Eswatini Beverages Limited (EBL) has upgraded its membership status with Business Eswatini (BE).

They have moved up to take the gold membership package thus lodging them into the category of premium members. 

This upgrade occurred just days before a recent event where EBL made an investment into the Vukani Bomake Project, which is a brainchild of Business Eswatini.

The company’s new Country Director, Ms. Doreen Tumureebire, said the Gold membership status with BE will give renewed and increased impetus to Business Eswatini to drive their mandate in a more effective manner as she understood that the advocacy and social investment activities of the organization are prohibitive.

“Upgrading with BE was not a difficult decision for us to make because I have been made aware of the number of great initiatives that BE has engaged in as they look after our company and the players in various levels of the beer value chain,” she said.

She also elaborated that EBL would, going forward, open up as far as sharing their regional experiences with BE with the hope that they would leverage these experiences in their endeavor to positively impact policy.     

In response, Business Eswatini CEO, E. Nathi Dlamini said they were excited by the move made by EBL. He commended EBL for recognizing the importance of Business Eswatini’s services to the entire economy.

He further elaborated that by taking up a more meaningful package, EBL has opened up a plethora of premium services that would be afforded to them by BE going forward.

Over and above taking care of EBL, the CEO assured them that a share of their contribution would be allocated towards serving the smaller companies within EBL’s value chain who could not afford to pay subscriptions.

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