Lidwala Health introduces medical aid product that will enable the lower middle class to access a high-quality service through a partnership they have forged with the Clinic Group. This product is also highly suited for small business owners, who want to ensure that their employees are covered.

By Ntokozo Nkambule

Lidwala Health has been officially launched to the public. True to their nature of introducing innovative products in the country, Lidwala Health has once again come up with products that are relevant and affordable for emaSwati.

The most notable product unveiled by the Health Care provider is the Capitation Product. Lidwala Health’s General Manager Ntokozo Ndzabukelwako said the capitation product will enable people who aren’t fully employed or are low-income earners to access private health care. The capitation product is also viable for small business owners who want to ensure that they have their employees covered. “We had to be strategic and innovative in our quest to serve emaSwati, who would be paying the medical aid from their product. We have partnered with the Clinic Group to roll out this product. This product will cost customers only E200” he noted.

Ndzabukelwako observed that the capitation product is divided into two; the Essential Product Plan and the other being the Comprehensive Product Plan. The Essential Product costs only E200 per month and covers six chronic conditions which come with that medication. The Comprehensive Product Plan on the other hand has added benefits such as nine more chronic conditions that are covered and costs E800 per principal member. The comprehensive plan also includes the inpatient portion, which is E100 000 added for hospitalization and a General Practitioner (GP).

Other medical aid products introduced by Lidwala Health include the Premium Plan, which is their flagship product and has up to E1 500 000 in-hospital cover. Another product is the Flex Product Plan which focuses on hospitalization. The product is typically a savings plan that helps to cover patients in the event they are hospitalized. Lidwala Health has also created a Base Plan which is ideal for younger people or single parents. The Base Plan covers both inpatients and outpatients. The individual cover is E350 000 and the family limit cover of E800 000.

In terms of the public sector, the GM Health said they are in advanced talks with the Ministry of Health in ensuring that emaSwati access quality service using third medical aid in public or government hospitals.

 “We are in advanced talks with the Ministry of Health in terms of getting a formal agreement or arrangement with their public facilities. This means that you can use Lidwala Health in public facilities or hospitals and clinics” he noted.

Ndzabukelwako further asserted that in terms of the private sector, customers will be able to use Lidwala Health in all private sector clinics or facilities. He said patients will also enjoy in and outpatient, which is hospitalization or using their medical aid to access medication in pharmacies.

Moreover, he observed that the Lidwala Health medical aid can also be accessed throughout that country. He said going forward they are looking at penetrating the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

In terms of technology and partnerships, Ndzabukelwako said they have partnered with one of the best in the region to ensure that they provide the best service for their customers. “We have been strategic and intentional about those we partner with, which is why we have partnered with Agility Health, one of our partners and also an accredited administrator of medical Aid, they also provide IT platforms that can be tailor-made for the solutions that you need as a company,” he said.

Lidwala Insurance Managing Director, Thokozani Nkambule in his address noted that the launch of its innovative medical aid products is a testament to what they stand for as a brand and company. Chairman of the group, Michelo Shakantu concurred with Nkambule saying they will continue introducing such innovative products.

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