• Business Eswatini (BE) President notes that the current high unemployment rate will worsen unless the country comes together
  • Says bipartite on jobs dialogue is an opportunity to show emaSwati that we can come together and talk

Photo Credit: https://business-eswatini.co.sz/

By Ntokozo Nkambule

The President of Business (BE) Eswatini, Andrew Le Roux says the country’s economic challenges are likely to worsen if the country does not come together and dialogue on the current economic challenges.

Le Roux was speaking during the bipartite dialogue on job creation hosted by BE and the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA). The dialogue is underwritten by the International Labour Organization (ILO). He said there was hope as evidenced by the first bipartite dialogue of its kind in the country. He noted that it was important that the country comes together. ”Clearly employers cannot resolve these problems on their own, and neither can workers. We need each other to find common solutions to these unique challenges. However, as I stand before you, I stand encouraged by the knowledge that when we, together, begin to earnestly put our heads together, a solution will be found, even if we disagree or disagree on some of the issues tabled for discussion today” he noted.

The BE President noted that as a result, it was important for employers and employees to come together and craft a way forward. He said for the country to beat the high levels of unemployment it was critical that the country came together and prioritized it. “I hope and pray that the record will show that employers and workers met in order to craft a better future in which there are opportunities for employment where each man or woman can have the chance to make an honest living for themselves and their families; a future where everyone can have a shot at being a success through the sweat of their brow” he noted.

Additionally, the President added that the current high unemployment rate was caused by the country not prioritizing it, which has been a big mistake. He said it was time unemployment was made a priority in the country. He further noted that the bipartite on jobs dialogue is a huge opportunity to show emaSwati that we can sit at the table and dialogue.

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