Local Content the Answer to Our Financial Challenges- Eswatini TV CEO

By Phiwa Sikhondze

The Eswatini TV Chief Executive Officer, Mlamuli Dlamini has expressed immense gratitude for the new set of studio equipment which was donated by the Eswatini Communications Commission.

The equipment was presented by the ESCCOM Chief Executive, Mvilawemphi Dlamini on Wednesday at the Commission’s offices and is aimed at addressing Eswatini TV’s challenge of limited high-quality local content.

The ESCCOM CE when making his remarks acknowledged the decline in Eswatini TV’s viewership and advertising revenue, as well as limited diversity in programming.

The equipment handed over to Eswatini TV includes television sets, cameras, production switchers, professional recorders, studio monitors, mixers, web presenters, studio viewfinders, podtrack recorders, microphones, and lighting equipment. This is not the first instance of ESCCOM’s support, as previous contributions have already led to noticeable improvements in the station’s on-air products and programming.

“With this new equipment that the Commission is offering to the station today, we are very optimistic that the station’s programme offering will continue to improve. Evidence of the anticipated improvement will be more diversity in programme genres, an increase in local content, and programmes created to meet the needs of diverse audiences such as youth, women, and people living with disabilities. This belief is premised on the understanding that more advertisers will be enticed to place their products on the station’s channels as the station programme offerings will be more relevant and will resonate well with their brands. In addition, the station will substantially increase viewership numbers thus further giving advertisers more reasons to consider using the services of the station,” Dlamini said.

The Eswatini TV CEO concurred, stating that the biggest challenge leading to declining viewership is the lack of local content.

“What we have noted worldwide is that viewers want content and stories that relate to them. We believe that broadcasting more local content will lead to an increase in viewership, thereby attracting advertisers. Increased advertising revenue will also lead to less reliance on government subsidies,” he noted.

The CEO continued. “One of our strategic plans is to end up broadcasting 100% local content. The challenge we face in achieving this goal is the lack of equipment and studios. Having one studio limits us in our attempt to produce local content.”

He concluded by stating that their other goal is to empower local producers, and in that vein, they will ensure that producers in the country can access the equipment donated by ESCCOM.

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