FNB Eswatini Contributes E400 000 Towards This Year’s Eswatini International Trade Fair

FNB Eswatini has announced a mega sponsorship of E400 000 in total towards this year’s Eswatini International Trade Fair.

The announcement was made by FNB Eswatini’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Zethu Dlamini earlier today at the Mavuso Trade Centre.

She said the partnership showcases how they remain resolute as a business to play their part in the development of businesses in Eswatini and in the broader economic growth of the country.

The CMO also gave a brief history of the partnership between the two entities and why they have decided to continue working together.

“To give context to the partnership, in 2019, FNB, EIPA, and SEDCO collaborated to test the concept of a Business Lounge that would serve as an area for SMEs to connect meaningfully in a conducive space with seminars conducted to equip SMEs on the various aspects of access to finance, to markets and business enablement in general. We are here today, because not only was the FNB Business Lounge a success but the concept proved its worth,” she noted.

Dlamini then disclosed this year’s contribution towards the Eswatini International Trade Fair.

“To this end, the Bank is investing E200 000 to support both the FNB Business Lounge at EITF 2023 and the Business Chamber Pavillion which will host a variety of seminars that are aimed at imparting expertise, capacitating business owners, in different areas.”

Breakdown of the Sponsorship

·                 Premium Lounge: An premium meeting lounge, open to Company Executives and EITF Dignitaries;

·                 Host an open, Business Lounge at EITF 2019. This is open to all Trade Fair participants and not just FNB customers. A digital and physical booking system will be used to operate this through Eswatini MarketSquare. This will allow businesses to take advantage of opportunities they see, in real-time.

·                 Business Chamber Pavilion: This platform has been hosted by EITF for seminars, this year we have seen it fit to partner with them in enabling the platform.

Meanwhile, the Head of Secured Lending at Wesbank, Nkhosingphile Mkhonta in his address revealed that they have in partnership with EIPA committed E200 000 towards the purchasing of a vehicle for this year’s car competition.

“WesBank, FNB Eswatini’s vehicle financing arm has committed E200 000 towards the purchasing of the vehicle for this year’s competition. This vehicle will be purchased in collaboration with EIPA, and we look forward to hearing the details on the brand and spec of the car EIPA will select this year.”

He further disclosed the motivation behind their partnership with EIPA, stating that mobility is essential for individuals but also most importantly for business owners.

“At WesBank, we understand the significance of mobility, not only for individuals but also for small businesses. We recognize that owning a car is not just a means of transportation but also a vital tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is a key factor in their success and growth.”

He continued to emphasize the importance of mobility.

“Mobility allows small businesses to provide efficient and timely services to their customers. Whether it’s a delivery service, a mobile repair shop, or a catering business, having a reliable vehicle ensures that they can meet their customers’ needs promptly. This not only enhances customer satisfaction, but also builds a positive reputation for their brand, and we at WesBank are committed to supporting those SMEs in their journey toward success.”

EIPA’s Buyile Dlamini thanked FNB Eswatini for the continued support and partnership, stating that as an institution they look forward to a fruitful partnership.

Bongani Ntshangase, EIPA’s Head of Trade when making his remarks noted that they are grateful for the partnership and also encouraged other corporate companies to support the EITF, as it plays a major role in promoting the country.

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