Eswatini Revenue Service Launches ‘TaxEase’ System

The Eswatini Revenue Service has successfully migrated from the Revenue Management System (RMS) to the TaxEase system.

The launch took place yesterday and was attended by ERS clients which include captains of industry, the business community, and other relevant stakeholders. Also present was ERS Commissioner General, Brightwell Nkambule, Commissioner of Domestic Taxes Vusie Ngcamphalala, the ERS team that developed the system, and ERS management and staff.

ERS Commissioner of Domestic Taxes Vusie Ngcamphalala in his presentation revealed that the TaxEase system will go live on the 4th of March 2024. He said clients’ balances and transactions have already been migrated to the new system.

He noted that clients will receive a link notification on the 4th of March that they should register or sign up for the new system.Ngcamphalala unpacked the advantages of the new system in detail. “The TaxEase system is highly configurable and can integrate with other systems, compared to the previous system which was rigid. The security of the data is also more guaranteed in this new system, more tax types are filed online, as there were tax types that we were not able to file online. We have also introduced the VAT schedule which will completed on the system and it will prepopulate the returns for clients. So, in essence, clients do not have to fill the VAT returns anymore.” He continued, “clients will now be able to log queries online and will easily be able to track the progress of that query. The TaxEase system also enables clients to easily download their statements online.”

The Commissioner of Domestic Taxes further revealed that the system is currently in its first with the second phase kicking off in July 2024.

“In July 2024, we will be doing away with the annual Paye As You Earn (PAYE) reconciliation process. Clients will only be required to give us the schedule every month, the system will then calculate if a payment is overpaid or underpaid. For personal income tax, the data that will be supplied to us will enable us to prepopulate the personal income tax for those individuals who are getting a salary and are expected to pay provisional tax. The new system also integrates with the ASYCUDA system so that the VAT returns from our clients are done more seamlessly.




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