Are you employed but also earn remuneration from other employers, or you derived income from providing professional independent services? Then you should furnish the ERS with your annual income tax returns. Find out who if you are required to submit your annual income tax returns in this article.

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By Ntokozo Nkambule

The Commissioner General of the Eswatini Revenue Service (ERS) Brightwell Nkambule has published a notice calling upon persons and businesses to submit self-assessed Income Tax Returns for the tax year ended 30 June 2022.

The annual income tax returns are a form of reporting to the tax administrator on a tax payer’s finances and tax affairs with respect to a tax year. The ERS states that the following persons are required to furnish them with annual income tax returns.

Persons REQUIRED To Furnish Income Tax Returns

  • A pensioner who was ordinarily resident in Eswatini, who has multiple sources of Income
  • Every person who received any gross income sourced in Eswatini and was ordinarily resident in Eswatini during year of assessment
  • The Public Officer of a company, in respect of such a company;
  • A recognized representative of a trust fund in respect of such trust income
  • An employee who earns who earns remuneration  from more than one employer
  • An employee or a director who derived business or property income in addition to his/her employment income
  • A member of a clergy, e.g pastor, priest, priestess, minister, apostle and church executive
  • A member of parliament, board member of a statutory or similar body, a partner in a partnership, locally recruited personnel working in embassies, consulates, missions, or international organizations
  •  A person who derived income from providing professional independent services and their agents
  • A person who has received interest or dividends from funds invested in commercial banks, building societies and investment houses
  • Any person whose income was above E2 million and above and;
  • Any person who may be required by the CG in writing

Persons NOT Required To Furnish Income Tax Returns

  • A person in continuous employment with a single employer, whose gross income consisted only of remuneration ; save for persons whose income was E2 million  and above
  • An employee who exchanged employers during the year of assessment, but whose income tax deducted was paid in terms of the prescribed tax deduction tables and subject to the Final Deduction System; save for people whose income was E2 million and above and
  • Such person did not derive any other income, or if the additional income derived consisted of a dividend which has been subjected to the final withholding tax
  • Tax payers who registered within the last six months of the Tax year, i.e between January and June 2022.

The notice by the ERS additionally notes that all employers, including those that do not have employees that fall within the PAYE tax bracket to submit an annual PAYE Reconciliation (PAYE O5, PAYE 15 and PAYE 16)

Deadlines for the submission varies between different tax groups. They are as follows:

Taxpayer SegmentNormal filling & payment deadline
All non –VAT registered entities31 October 2022
-Individuals with employment income above E2 million -Individuals with employment income and other high income -High net worth individuals & Special Groups    30 November
-All large  companies (managed under large taxpayer unit) -All VAT registered companies & individuals31 December 2022
All tax payers using other approved tax years other than the CG’s normal tax yearWithin four months after the end of approved financial year
All employers (PAYE Reconciliations)30 September 2022

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