Communication and Establishing Healthy Boundaries Vital to Handling Black Tax – Ndumi Radebe

By Ntokozo Nkambule

Ndumi Radebe, the Author of Handle Black Tax Like A Pro says most black people would be surprised at the response of their parents or close family members if they sat down with them and discussed establishing healthy boundaries around finances.

Radebe says most parents want the best for their children and would certainly be surprised that their children are drowning in debt or they are not attaining their financial dreams and aspirations due to what is now commonly referred to as Black Tax.

She, however, says as much as the conversation about healthy financial boundaries is fundamental – also very important or worth taking into consideration is the timing and approach.

“What sometimes causes a rift in the relationship of close family members is the manner, approach, and timing. We are Africans, and respect is paramount in our culture. As a result, it is important that we address our close family members with the utmost respect as this helps maintain a healthy relationship.”

She continues “It is also very important that you address your family members before the problem erupts. Once you wait until you are in a financial quagmire, the challenge will not be fully addressed as you are being reactive rather than proactive. Remember, we are striving to create healthy boundaries with our family members, which is why this should not be a blame game but an attempt to set and create healthy boundaries. It is also important to clarify that creating boundaries is not about running away from our responsibilities, but doing so, in a healthy and sustainable way.” she noted.

Radebe notes that while compiling the book and conducting interviews with a number of people she realized that the biggest challenge was not black tax itself, but communication between family members.

She says the lack of communication leads to a situation where healthy boundaries cannot be erected.

“As I was doing interviews for the book my key takeaway was the issue of healthy boundaries. I realized that Black tax most of the time results from the lack of healthy boundaries and communication.”

Worth mentioning is that the author will be in the country on the 14th of July 2023 for the Eswatini Book Launch. The event will be held at the Mountain View Hotel and is hosted in partnership with the Leadership Growth Forum.

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