Central Bank Of Eswatini Launches E200 Million Government Bonds

By Ntokozo Nkambule

The Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE) has announced the issuance of government bonds for the sum of E200 million.

The bonds issued by the CBE on behalf of the government of Eswatini are SG062 with a maturity date of 30 September 2025, SG063 which matures on 30 September 2027, SG064 maturing on the 30th of September 2029 and SG065 maturing 30 September 2032.

The coupon rates for the government bonds are fixed at 9.25%, 9.50%, 9.85%, and 10.50 % respectively. The auction date has been slated for 28 March 2023.

The CBE notes that the auction is open to the public which comprises individuals, and corporate and institutional investors.

“All interested investors should apply through the Primary Dealers who are the four local Commercial Banks. The purpose of the Issuance is to develop the secondary market, establishing a market price, which will compensate both the borrower and investors for interest rate risks and to facilitate financial intermediation, whilst also meeting government budgetary requirements” notes the CBE Notice.

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