6 Side Hustles To Consider if You Are Employed

Social Media Influencers in Eswatini can make as much as E5 000 or more from one particular campaign while keeping their day job. We have compiled 6 money-generating income streams that you can consider if you are employed and living in the Kingdom. These side hustles will not interfere with your regular 8-5 job but can afford to supplement your monthly salary. We also take a look at how much you can make from these side hustles.

By Inside Biz

1.Cooking and Baking– If you love cooking and baking you could do it on the side as a means to supplement your monthly salary. You can easily do this from the comfort of your own home. You can cook on weekends or when you return from work, so it does not clash with your 8-5. You could focus on weddings, birthdays, or any other celebratory events. This is also primarily a low-investment business.

Likely Return- A birthday cake can sell for as much as E1 000 depending on your market. You will likely make a 50% profit after taking into consideration input costs such as ingredients. The more clients you get the better you can make per month.

2. Tutoring- Do you enjoy teaching and do you feel like you can help a number of pupils or even adults in a particular subject? This is a side hustle that does not demand a lot financially when starting out. Tutors typically conduct sessions from the comfort of their homes, whether in-person or virtually. So if you are a primary school teacher knocking off work at 2 pm, you can consider being a tutor and earn extra income, after hours.

Likely Return- The return depends on the number of subjects and students you are tutoring. Tutors also charge different fees because of the different markets they cater to. Tutors can make from as little as E100 per session to E300 per session. This amount is per pupil.

3. Photography & Video Creator– There are events taking place every week in the country, either people are getting married or celebrating their 40-40 birthdays. Yes, cell phones have amazing camera capabilities these days but it’s not just about taking a picture. Photography is an art. If you are good at it and love it, you can make a decent income from it. You could also take videos and edit them for that particular event or client requirement. There will always be demand for this service.

Likely Return- Photographers typically charge around E500 per hour for their service. So if it is an event and the event lasts for about 4 hours you can make a decent return. It is even better if you can also take and edit the entire video or photo catalogue.

4. Social Media Influencer– If you have a large following on social media, you can consider being a Social Media Influencer for brands. All you require is Wi-Fi/Data and some sharp online interaction skills and you are good to go. The good news is that brands in Eswatini have begun embracing the idea of using Influencers to grow and tap into certain markets and demographics. So instead of only being impressed by your large following and number of ‘Likes’, maybe it’s time you also made money from it as well.

Likely Return- With the right brand after your services you can make as much as E5 000 or more from one particular campaign, depending on the deliverables and duration of the campaign.

5. Part-Time Accounting Consultant- The Eswatini Economic Policy Analysis and Research Centre (ESEPARC) has reported that there are more than 70 000 small businesses in Eswatini. Most of them are informal, of course. If you are a skilled accountant you can help SMEs with their financial books. This is something you can do after work or on weekends. SMEs do not have the money to hire big-name accounting consultants, yet they need their books balanced so they know if they are making a profit or not, and also to ensure that they are tax compliant.

Likely Return- This also depends on the accounting services you are providing as they are broad. But helping an SME with their basic financial books can net you E1 500 to as much as E6 000.

6. Website Development and Maintenance- Building websites is one of the best side hustles for people who are good at IT and design. Most small businesses require websites these days for marketing purposes or e-commerce. You can carve a niche for yourself by designing websites for them and making a decent income.

Likely Return- Big corporates in the country pay as much as E50 000 for website design and development. This shows how lucrative this industry can be. But if you are doing it as a side hustle and offering services to small businesses you can charge from E3 000 to as much as E10 000 for developing one website, also depending on the spectrum of services you can offer.

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