Vusie Dlamini is the New CEO of Eswatini Tourism Authority

After more than 13 years of dedicated service the Director of Communications and Marketing at the Eswatini Revenue Service (ERS), Vusie Dlamini has bid farewell to the organization.

His departure marks the end of an era characterized by tireless dedication, strategic vision, and transformative leadership.

Vusie has been an integral part of the ERS since its inception and joined the organization on 1 October 2010, being among the first professionals hired when the organization was established, then known as the Swaziland Revenue Authority (SRA).

Over the years, he has played a pivotal role in shaping ERS’s identity and fostering its growth through positive message development and communication.

One of Vusi’s most notable contributions has been his instrumental role in the rebranding of the organization from Swaziland Revenue Authority to Eswatini Revenue Service, transforming the entity from a revenue authority into a service-oriented organisation.

Through his contribution, the ERS has adopted a client-centric approach, focusing not only on tax collection but also on providing exceptional service to clients and promoting compliance through education and outreach efforts. Reflecting on his tenure at the ERS, Dlamini expressed gratitude for the opportunities and experiences he has had.

“It has been an incredible journey to be part of the ERS family for the past 13 and half years. You do not invest so many years with an organization, without emotional attachment and it’s not so easy to just walk away. I am immensely proud of the work we have accomplished together and the positive impact we have made in serving the nation. I want to thank my colleagues, ERS Leadership, current and former CG for their guidance and for impacting my close to 14 years with the ERS and creating memories,” Dlamini said.

ERS Commissioner General, Brightwell Nkambule, commended Vusi for his outstanding contributions to the organization.

“Vusie has been an invaluable asset to the ERS, and his vision has been instrumental in building our growing brand identity and fostering a culture of service excellence. We are grateful for his dedication and commitment to our mission. As Vusi embarks on a new chapter in his career as the CEO of Eswatini Tourism Authority, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for his continued success and fulfillment. His legacy of innovation, integrity, and service will continue to inspire and guide ERS in its ongoing pursuit of excellence, “Nkambule stated. ERS Marketing and Communications Manager, Ntobeko Dlamini, will serve as Acting Director of Communications and Marketing during this transition period.

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