Report by the Construction Industry Council states that the engineering field has the most available skills in the construction industry.

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By Ntokozo Nkambule

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has revealed that construction firms in the country have a 42% shortage of electricians.

This is contained in the regulator’s Three-Year Construction Industry Performance Report 2022, titled Construction Industry Skills Shortage as of 2022. The report notes that technical skills mostly required by the industry are electricians mostly with a particular ability in cable joining, cable termination, and linesman. Other skills in demand are people with skills in contract management (25%), scaffold erector (17%), machine operator (8%), and tiling (8%).

In terms of the available industry skills, the performance report notes that engineering has the most available skills in the construction industry. Engineering has 45% of available skills in the industry. “A majority of skills in the construction industry are found under engineering, with electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil and building engineers, being the most available technical skills”

Engineering is followed by quantity surveying (17%), drivers (10%), boiler making (7%), procurement (5%), steel fixer (5%), sign and plates writer (5%), ICT Solutions (2%), and rigger (2%).

Additionally, the report has a category titled Off-setting Skills. Off-setting skills are those observed to be available in other firms, yet observed as short in other firms within the industry. Their availability and non-availability depend on the firm’s characteristics, from management style to size of the firm. The performance report by CIC states that most of the offsetting skills are observed to be available in the industry and they are observed to be short. “Those in shortage are mostly in accounting skills, administrative works, architecture, health and safety, bricklaying, plumbing, painting and wielding” notes the report.

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