The Director of the Centre for Community Services and Social Work Lecturer at the University of Eswatini (UNESWA), Clement Dlamini says most of the youth in the country take up entrepreneurship because they cannot get jobs.Dlamini was speaking during the post-budget seminar hosted by the Central Bank of Eswatini and the Economics Association of Eswatini. “Let’s be intentional about youth entrepreneurship in the country. Young people should be trained at an early age in entrepreneurship. As it stands, entrepreneurship is not the goal for most young people. They find themselves starting businesses because they cannot get a good job. And guess what, once they get a job, they forget about their business” he said in his address.Moreover, Dlamini noted that there were a number of reasons for this, such as the fact that some young people need a constant income because they have to take care of their siblings or parents. “Government should stop with the rhetoric that they are assisting the youth and small businesses. They should ensure that they truly capacitate the youth on business” he noted. Dlamini said countries doing well in entrepreneurship, are those that have developed a strong culture in the field, yet in Eswatini young people are just thrown into the deep end without any form of assistance.

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