FSRA CEO notes that as a regulator they feel that retirement funds and asset managers should allocate funds in economic sectors that will benefit the real economy. He, however, concedes that there are no maximum yields that can be derived from the local economy, compared to offshore markets.

By Ntokozo Nkambule

“When we came in with the 30% local asset allocation in 2011, we were very clear that we did not have quality assets in the country, but we were deliberate and intentional about our position because we were aware of what this could do for our local real economy,” said Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ncamiso Ntshalintshali during his presentation in the Alphsz and EBENEZ evolution Indaba.

The CEO asserted that as it stands right now, around 50% of local retirement fund assets are invested locally, which is pleasing to see, however, they still feel that the assets are not being fully invested in the right channels or spaces. “Yes, we see the investment in property development locally, where pension funds have invested, but we still feel that we would have achieved better results if we placed this money in other instruments or sectors of the economy, especially those in the real economy. One might argue that small businesses benefit from this value chain and we agree, but we still feel we can do better” he noted.

Ntshalintshali added that they have realized that the balance between the pension instruments and the asset managers is a tricky one because in most cases the asset allocation tends to find itself back into the South African economy. He said the South African economy has actually polarized the smaller economies in the region.

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