SWAZI PLAZA PROPERTIES: The Cornerstone Of Innovation In Development

By Swazi Plaza Properties

Without people a building is just a vessel – human interaction brings life and regeneration. All Swazi Plaza Properties remain prime locations guided by evidence-based research, a human-centered approach to ensure the Plaza Properties remain agile, timeless, and connected to the people who inhabit and walk through its spaces.

The Swazi Plaza – Where Eswatini Meet

The Swazi Plaza has over 30 years of experience keeping up with consumer trends to meet the needs of not only shoppers but tenants and stakeholders – making it a shopper’s haven and a retailer’s best investment.

While known for being Eswatini’s largest mall – with 8 buildings amassing 48 000m2 of retail and office space, the Swazi Plaza has become more than just a landmark, it is evolving into a lifestyle brand – a hub of activity and possibility.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the need to create an environment that goes beyond the commercial transaction by connecting with and adapting to the needs of its customers – tenants, and users – shoppers.

This feature will walk you through how Swazi Plaza Properties continues to pivot to remain among Eswatini’s leading real estate companies.

If you build (for people) they will come

The catchall phrase “If you build it, they will come” suggests that whatever you create or build will be supported by the masses, which is a fallacy. The Swazi Plaza has sustained its dominant presence and continues to attract throngs of people from all corners of the country due to its dedication to putting user experience above all else.

 In a world where retail formats are constantly evolving and the goalposts continue shifting with the rapid growth of online shopping, the Plaza cannot solely rely on its prime location in the heart of the CBD to sustain it.

Something For Everyone

The mall has become a consumer’s haven with a diverse portfolio of over 200 businesses carefully curated to meet both the professional and lifestyle needs of users from all walks of life.

This one-stop-shop approach has shown measurable results in terms of traffic flows. The retailer and business categories include:

·        Apparel and accessories

·         Furniture & Appliances

·        Cellular & Electronics

·        Groceries & Wholesale

·        Finance & Banking

·        Dining & Fast Food

·        Health Services

·        Beauty & Wellness

·        Homeware, Garden & Décor

·         Legal & Consultancy,

·        Post & Telecommunications, • Services & Utilities

·        Stationary & Gifting

This catalogue of tenants would not have been complete without the inclusion of easily accessible health services, which give the mall an increased competitive edge. These services include:

·        A fully-fledged medical centre

·        An optometrist

·        A full-service medical laboratory, and

·        A wide selection of pharmacies

Transitioning to a Lifestyle Hub

The success of a shopping centre is not only in obtaining more foot traffic. It is crucial to keep those feet planted for extended periods by appealing to more than the consumer’s material needs, through a human-centered approach.

Creating a conducive environment for users’ leisure needs has been a high priority this year, from investing in better infrastructure for event hosting to curating family-focused activities and installing diverse outdoor seating options. This has seen exponential growth in physical user engagement in an increasingly digital world.

Embracing The Digital Age

In recent years there has been increased investment in market research with a special focus on capturing a physical audience in the digital age.

This data, which informs: local consumer trends, spending habits, and pain points has been instrumental in the implementation of foresighted marketing and operational strategies to ensure the company’s resilience, sustainable growth for tenants, and improved shopper experience.

The Plaza is invested in working with, and not against the digital age by encouraging target audiences, and creating digital way finding systems to give the user more autonomy in their shopping experience.

Internally – a digital channel to better communicate with and meet the needs of tenants has been implemented. Tenants to introduce online shopping tools; digital marketing campaigns to better connect with and capture data.


Acknowledging that shoppers come from all walks of life, extensive measures have been taken to ensure that the differently abled can navigate The Plaza with ease and dignity. Elevators are fitted with braille signage and there are multiple ramps for wheel-chair access.

In addition, with the support of the Municipal Council of Mbabane, entry and exit points close to the main roads have audible traffic control, as well as tactile guide blocks to assist the visually impaired.

Parking & Safety

Visitors have access to 4 floors of 24-hour parking bays (including designated spots for the differently abled), covering over 20 000 m2.

Each floor is under constant surveillance from CCTV cameras, private security personnel, and the Royal Eswatini Police Service members stationed at the Police Post on the ground floor.

For information on vacant spaces and to schedule viewings: Email: Property Administrator at admin@ swaziplazaprop.sz

This article was first published by Eswatini Property Review, our sister publication and is used with permission.

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