While the Suzuki Swift is the top-selling passenger car in South Africa, emaSwati have shown a preference for the Suzuki Brezza, which is the bestselling Suzuki brand locally. Mbabane Motors Sales & Marketing Manager, Majid Daude says their dealership averages 5-10 Suzuki vehicle sales every month.

By Phesheya Mkhonta

The Suzuki Swift was the top-selling passenger car in June 2022 in South Africa. According to Car Magazine South Africa, the vehicle was able to sell 1926 units in one month. Worth noting is that Eswatini Suzuki Swift sales are also added to the monthly car sales figures recorded in South Africa.

In achieving this feat, the Swift cemented its ever-growing popularity status by outselling competitors such as the VW Polo Vivo, VW Polo, Toyota Starlet, and the Kia Picanto.

Locally, the statistics are quite interesting. According to Mbabane Motors Sales & Marketing Manager, Majid Daude, their best-selling vehicle is the Suzuki Brezza. He says there is a number of factors behind this, but most certainly the terrain plays a big role in why emaSwati go for the Suzuki Brezza instead of the Suzuki Swift.

Daude reveals that figures for the most selling car in South Africa are also inclusive of Eswatini figures. “Look, we are selling well locally considering that we selling 5-10 units a month, which I believe is reasonable. In terms of the most selling overall car brand in Eswatini, I wouldn’t be certain as there are no statistics available, but Suzuki should be in the top two” he says.

Daude notes that the reason Suzuki Swift sells very well in South Africa is because of how economic it is. The light and compact Suzuki Swift with its 1.2l petrol engine offers high output and exceptional fuel consumption at as little as 4.9l / 100km. Every detail of the third-generation Swift has been cleverly designed to make you feel at one with your new car. The Suzuki Swift was first displayed at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. The iconic hatchback has garnered awards and accolades for each generation (including Budget Car of the Year in 2019) and remains, consistently, a cult classic in its class.

The Suzuki Swift is now a bonafide favourite, in fact, it’s Suzuki’s best-selling model. It’s not hard to see why this fierce little car captured the hearts of thousands of drivers around the world – with its stylish looks and cheeky personality, what’s not to love? The floating roof design, solid shoulder lines, and rich side body sculpting unite to give you a driving experience that thrills.

The Suzuki Swift comes standard with a 2-year / 30 000 km Service Plan and a 5-year / 200 000 km Promotional Warranty. For the best Suzuki experience, your Suzuki Swift must be serviced once every twelve months or every 15 000 km, whichever comes first.

Additional reporting sourced from Suzuki South Africa

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