• PS from the Ministry of Housing & Urban Development Clifford Mamba, reveals that only two sectional title schemes are ready in the country, which may affect prices.
  • Surveyor General and Registrar of Deeds say their departments are ready for the rollout of the sectional title

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By Ntokozo Nkambule

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Development says the advent of Sectional Title in the country does not mean that government will interfere in the determination of property prices. This was disclosed by the Ministry’s Principal Secretary (PS), Clifford Mamba during a press briefing where the ministry officially launched the Sectional Titles Act in the country.

Mamba was responding to a question posed by a reporter from Inside Biz on whether the sectional titles will lead to cheaper prices or not. The PS noted that in the medium and long term sectional title property will certainly be more affordable, but as things stand there are many considerations that must be taken into account. “In the long-term, property prices especially sectional titles will certainly be more affordable, but in the short term, there are things to take into account such as the fact that there are only two readily available sectional title schemes. We must appreciate that government does not regulate or determine prices in the country, as we are a free market economy. So, in this case, the market will decide the prices. But, having mentioned that, we are highly hopeful as a government that property prices will be favorable for the ordinary Swati” he noted. Also present during the briefing was the Minister of Housing Prince Simelane who firstly apologized for the delay in the operationalization of the Act, but noted that they are now ready as a Ministry for the full roll-out of the Act.

Moreover, the Surveyor-General, Sydney Simelane who represented the Ministry of Natural Resources during the briefing said as a ministry they were not fully ready, but very close. He said they were grateful to the government who has granted them a budget for the implementation of the Act. “Government has provided a budget for our ministry and department in this financial year. We need more equipment for the rolling out of this exercise and training of our staff, which we will continue doing as we roll out this exercise” Simelane noted. His counterpart, Lindile Mandela who is the Registrar of Deeds concurred with him, stating that the Deeds Office, they are ready and the government has also approved their request for additional staff.

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