The Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF) is receiving a large number of visitors on a daily basis at the ongoing Eswatini International Trade Fair (EITF).

Since the Trade Fair opening, when passing by the stand there are always at least 5 or more people at a time making enquires or marvelling at the picturesque stand.

The PSPF participation at the EITF through a helpful Stand and Mobile Office, is providing memorable experiences anchored by its four core values.

The values are innovation, transparency, buntfu, and excellence. 

The Fund is showcasing its new revised logo, launched in July 2022, for the first time at the EITF this week.

The Director of Corporate Services, Elkan Makhanya, said the Fund’s Trade Fair participation was all about getting closer to the public and giving them service excellence outside the offices.

“We have taken our vision, which is providing an excellent, memorable retirement service experience to the EITF. We have been intentional to give that memorable experience each day we will be at the Trade Fair,” he said.

PSPF also has a Mobile Office stand outside Hall 1 at the sports ground which has been getting a large number of visitors daily. Visitors and members have been coming for one-on-one enquiries.

Makhanya explained that through anchoring on the value of innovation, those who visit the stand will find ways to engage with the Fund digitally for convenience in the future.

He said they are on hand to explain how to download and submit forms online to make that their queries are attended quickly.

Makhanya said they are sharing with visitors the various activities and investments in which the Fund has been involved. By doing so, he says they are speaking to the value of transparency.

“One of our main values is buntfu, and we would like everyone who comes to the stand to feel welcome and receive help from warm and friendly people,” he said.

It is also worth noting that PSPF’s refreshed Corporate Identity and core values align with the EITF theme 2023, “Endless Possibilities.”

Makhanya highlights that the logo speaks to the Endless Possibilities theme in that its tip-cut branches show continuous growth. Upon close observation, the tree branches on the logo are cut off at their tips. In agronomy, pruning stimulates continued plant growth and overall health as PSPF is established to support the development of its members and beneficiaries for generations.

In its profile, PSPF shares that it is a public organization established in 1993 to manage and administer pensions for government employees. 

The Fund has experienced growth since its establishment, and there has been a positive response from civil servants ever since. Its vision, ‘Providing an Excellent Memorable Retirement Service Experience,’ ensures that PSPF staff always strive to leave a positive resonating impact on members when meeting their needs and demands.

The Fund’s values further guide all employees towards the same goals, supporting the organization’s vision and values.

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