Over E445 000 Collected in ENPF’s ‘Love Your Help Campaign’

By Ntokozo Nkambule

The Eswatini National Provident Fund (ENPF) has revealed that about 154 households in the country have registered their domestic workers under the ‘Love Your Help Campaign.’

This was disclosed by ENPF’s Service Centre Manager, Cabangile Dlamini during the Fund’s Stakeholders Forum held at the Happy Valley Hotel.

When making her remarks, Dlamini noted that the campaign was launched in February 2022 and has seen around E445 000 being collected from the 154 registered households.

The Service Centre Manager unpacked the motivation behind the initiative.

“As the ENPF we realized that domestic workers play a huge role in most of our households yet they are highly disadvantaged because they do not have a retirement plan. The Fund then set down and came up with the ‘Love Your Help Initiative’ which aims to ensure that domestic workers are able to retire with dignity. Under this plan, domestic workers are also able to receive something if unforeseen circumstances force them to stop working.”

She said once the domestic workers are registered with ENPF, they then get to enjoy the same benefits normal members receive.

“Once registered with the Fund domestic workers are then eligible for the benefits enjoyed by members. These include; Age Benefit that they receive at the age of fifty (50), the Retirement Benefit which they receive at the age of forty-five (45), the Disability Benefit, which they receive at any age, the Savings Benefit which assists domestic workers who want to add on top of their employer’s monthly contribution. Basically, they receive the same benefits as all members.”

Furthermore, Dlamini disclosed that the monthly statutory contribution is 10% of the domestic workers’ monthly salary.

She clarified that by domestic workers they are not only referring to house helpers but any person employed by a household.

ENPF Chief Executive Officer Prince Lonkhokhela gifted some of the employers who have consistently paid monthly contributions for their domestic workers. The Fund revealed that the top three employers that they honored also contributed the most amount under the aforementioned campaign.

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