November 30 Is the Deadline For Individuals To Submit Their Income Tax Returns!

By Phiwa Sikhondze

Are you an employee who has received remuneration from more than one employer, or are you a pastor, or perhaps you received income from interest or dividends from funds invested in Commercial Banks, Building Societies, and Investment houses? Well, the above and a number of other individuals are required to submit their Income Tax Returns.

The groups that are expected to file Income Tax Returns include:

  • Every person, (other than a company or a trust) who received any gross income sourced in Eswatini and was not ordinarily resident in Eswatini during the year of assessment.
  • A pensioner who was ordinarily resident in Eswatini, who has multiple sources of income.
  • An employee who earns remuneration from more than one employer.
  • An employee or a director who derived business or property income, in addition to his/her employment income.
  • A director of a company.
  • A member of a clergy (e.g., Pastor, priest, priestess, minister, apostle, etc.) and a church executive.
  • A Member of Parliament, a board member of a statutory or similar body, a partner in a partnership, and locally recruited personnel working in embassies, consulates, missions, and or international organizations. In this instance, this refers to members of parliament from the previous term i.e., those who were legislators by the end of June 2023
  • A person who derived income from providing professional independent services and their agents. This would include consultants.
  • A person who received interest or dividends from funds invested in Commercial Banks, Building Societies, and Investment houses.
  • Any person whose income was E3 Million and above even if their own source of income is employment

The ERS has further urged those with inactive registered businesses to also file income tax returns

“Some clients might wonder about the necessity of submitting income tax returns when their businesses have been inactive during the tax year (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023). It is important to emphasize that submission of income returns remains a critical responsibility, even in such situations.”

“Inactivity does not exempt a business from its legal obligation to submit income tax returns. If your business was temporarily dormant, the tax laws require that you submit their nil returns. The only way for the ERS will learn that your business did not operate is through the submission of returns,” notes the Revenue Service.

The ERS concludes by stating that it has provided convenient payment methods for clients who need to pay.

Payment Methods Available Include:

  • EFT (i.e. internet banking)
  • SpeedPoints at ERS Service Centres
  • MTN Momo Pay (ERS Service Centres)
  • Bank deposits (bank accounts available on ERS website)
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