Inside Biz caught up with the co-founder of digital marketing agency, DM Digital, Nolwazi Dlamini, to talk about her journey and views in the digital marketing space. She also shares some notes on what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Eswatini

Interview & Article by Phesheya Mkhonta

Q: Who is Nana, what do you do, and what makes you special?

A: I’m the co-founder of a marketing agency and an all-around enthusiast of everything digital. What makes me special? My wit, charisma, and relentless need to learn. I think that’s what has gotten me where I am in my career.

Q: Please take us through your education and career background.

A: Well, I graduated with a B.Tech in International Communication (Cum Laude) from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), and I continue to take short online courses in my industry. Career-wise, I started working at my university in 3rd year, as a student assistant, while freelancing in social media as a way to gain experience. This helped me land my first agency job which opened my eyes to the multifaceted world of digital marketing.

I joined the agency as an online media specialist and was in charge of creating and monitoring ads for a long client list in South Africa. While I was there, I took the initiative to sit with each department to learn what they do. That’s where my interest in SEO, Email Marketing, Website Design, and Social media strategy sparked. I began teaching myself skills from each department to get a broader idea of how an agency works. Fast forward 4 years later, DM Digital was created.

Q: Moving onto DM Digital, when was the business established and what services do you offer?

A: Founded by Thiya Matsebula and Nolwazi “Nana” Dlamini, DM Digital has been operating for just under 2 years. It was conceptualized by two friends who just happen to have previously worked in the same industry. What a journey it has been.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency in Eswatini that specializes in digital strategies and implementation through video/design, building world-class websites, and effective social media campaigns.

Q: Can you tell us about some exciting projects you have worked on?

A: We pride ourselves on results, sure, the creation of content is great, but what sets us apart is our focus on client ROI and building client and customer relationships. The first is, a growing online building material store.

We’ve been at the helm of their digital marketing from conceptualization to implementation across social media and e-commerce. Through our digital tactics, ihardware store generated over E100 000 in profit in three months. We also successfully assisted in land plot sales of over E20 Million for the upcoming community development near the Ngwenya Border Gate, Sibonelo Township.

A range of SMEs and big corporations have trusted us with their online presence. This is such a privilege since we are still considered the new kids on the block. To see our full client list, visit our website:

Q: What are your thoughts on the digital marketing landscape in Eswatini?

A: Well, to be honest, Eswatini has barely scratched the surface of digital marketing, but we’re gradually catching up. I think corporates have yet to discover how profitable a full-scale digital marketing strategy is. There’s more to it than just boosts and consistent social media posting, you can tap into email marketing, Google Ads and SEO, etc. We look forward to the day when businesses start taking it more seriously, and we’ll be gladly waiting in the wings ready to assist.

Q: Any common misconceptions about digital marketing you’d like to dispel?

A: One thing we consistently joke about is the concept of “boosts”, that button on Facebook you click to reach more people through ads. Social media advertising is more than just a boost. These platforms allow you to be more specific with your marketing objectives & audience. So, when it comes to ads, boosting, having no strategy, and not analyzing your data is a complete waste of money. Data is King. Businesses should treat it as such.

Q: What is your creative mantra?

A: Always find joy in what you do.

Q: What are some lessons you can share with female business owners, in particular, and lessons you’ve learned in your journey?

A: It’s going to be difficult, especially if you are a young woman in Eswatini. Expect ‘No’s’ often, but don’t let them deter you from your goal. Never stop learning. We are constantly looking for ways to be innovative. Share your ideas and look to international brands for inspiration.

Thank you for your time Nolwazi.

You are most welcome.

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