Leadership Growth Forum Bringing ‘Safe Spaces’ Author To Address Workplace Bullying

The Leadership Growth Forum will be tackling the ‘infamous’ workplace bullying topic!

This will be during Dr Ngao Motsei’s book launch which is set for 26 April 2024 at Mountain View in Mbabane at 5.30 pm.

 The book is titled ‘Building Psychologically Safe Spaces: Safeguarding Your Workspace Against Bullying’.

The Leadership Growth Forum (LGF) Media and Public Liaison Officer Phiwe Dlamini confirmed the event, stating the conversation on bullying in the workplace was taboo; meaning it was seldom addressed and often excused when asked what prompted the Forum to hold talks on bullying in the workplace.

“We wish to explore this and hopefully discover why it has become a culture in organizations, for tangible solutions formulated for better performance and treatment in every organization locally.

“Also, we wish to encourage and inspire long-term changes in working environments through this discussion, and also eradicate the comfort of bullying by anyone working with others. We believe this is a necessary start to reintroducing accountability in the workplace,” said Dlamini.

When asked what people should expect during the event, the media and public liaison officer said insightful discussions and vulnerability were to be expected from the event as it was an extremely sensitive issue for many.

Dr Ngao has worked in human resources, strategy, and leadership consulting for over 25 years. In the last 10 years, she focused her work on respect, compassion, and empathy at work, as well as human-centered leadership as precursors to psychologically safe cultures free of bullying and harassment.

She partners with C-Suite leaders to raise awareness about bullying in the workplace; provides specialized coaching to abrasive leaders accused of bullying, as well as facilitates team repair workshops in the wake of harassment and bullying incidents.

In Building Psychologically Safe Spaces, Ngao Motsei teaches how to make sense of workplace bullying. She starts by removing the confusion around what, precisely, constitutes bullying in the workplace – a behaviour that is often difficult to define – before explaining the steps that can be taken to bully-proof your organization: actions are outlined that are required of leaders, bystanders, targets, and bullies. She includes first-hand accounts from both leaders (previously accused of abrasive bullying behaviour) and targets to shed light on how this phenomenon affects all involved.

Entrance to the event and the book costs E260. Provisions for the entry fee only and book only have been made and information is available on the Leadership Growth Forum social media pages.

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