Jenny Internet Eswatini Expands Service Coverage to Remote Areas

By Phiwa Sikhondze

Jenny Internet Eswatini, one of the leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the country, has announced a significant expansion of its service coverage beyond the urban areas to reach even the most remote areas across Eswatini.

The ISP has all along been known for servicing the urban areas of the country, mostly the Mbabane – Manzini corridor. This strategic move aims to bridge the digital divide and provide reliable and affordable internet access to even the most remote areas in all four regions of Eswatini.

At the official launch of the Eswatini International Trade Fair 2024, Ndumiso Sifundza, representing Jenny Internet Eswatini, highlighted the company’s dedication to connecting the entire nation.

“Our vision is a connected Eswatini where everyone can harness the power of the Internet to improve their lives and businesses. We are proud to extend our coverage beyond the urban corridor to ensure that even remote communities have access to reliable internet services,” Sifundza said.

This expansion is part of Jenny Internet Eswatini’s broader mission to support the country’s digital transformation. By extending their network, they aim to empower local businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities with essential internet connectivity. The company has already partnered with the Government of Eswatini, through the Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM) to connect the Tinkhundla centres and major entry points, including border posts and selected clinics.

The extended coverage will bring a lot of improvement the rural connectivity. Residents in remote areas will now have access to the same high-quality internet services as those in urban centres, enabling them to participate more fully in the digital economy. This includes opportunities for e-commerce, online education, telehealth, and more.

“Connectivity is the lifeblood of commerce in today’s digital age,” Sifundza remarked.

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