Innovative Climate Smart Tunnel Production Training Project Is Back

The Woman Farmer Foundation welcomed 17 young students to their training center to start a 3-month journey toward becoming climate-smart agripreneurs.

This is the fourth group to undertake the training. Currently, a total of 49 students have completed the program. Applications opened in May 2023 via the foundation’s social media pages and website.

About the Program

  • The Innovative Climate Smart Youth Tunnel Production Training Program is a holistic training on protective farming targeting both male and female youth in Eswatini ages 18 – 35.
  • The program aims to address two major issues which continue to plague Eswatini: the high youth unemployment rate, and the effects of climate change through provision of theoretical and practical skills that prepare young people to start and build climate resilient and adaptive agricultural ventures.
  • It was started as a means to generate interest in agriculture among the youth of Eswatini by exposing them to innovative agricultural practices, effectively encouraging them to cover the value chain.

 Benefits of the program

Gain Practical Experience

  • Students gain practical skills and experience in protective farming. They partake in practical lessons that expose them to the various stages of growing high-value crops using both tunnels and shade nets.

Development of Agribusiness Skills

  • Woman Farmer Foundation is concerned about building capacity among youth and women for them to develop business acumen in the agricultural space- adapting business strategies to develop profitable farming ventures. The foundation encourages farmers to take their farming from subsistence level to semi-commercial level and beyond, improving livelihoods and uplifting their low social status.
  • The program is one of the means the foundation uses to achieve this by offering training on topics such as Agribusiness Management, Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP), Food Safety, Access to Finance, growing high value crops and more.
  • While the focus is on the agricultural space, much of the knowledge imparted is transferable and can be used in other sectors.

Networking Opportunities

  • The foundation partners with stakeholders in finance, the private sector and government to build capacity among youth. This also presents opportunities for youth to network with said stakeholders.

Business Mentorship

  • Young people gain access to business mentorship to help them in their personal business journeys.
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