IDM Eswatini Partners With ERS To Offer Certificate In Beginners Tax

By IDM Eswatini

Tax legislation and application is complex and can cause confusion, resulting in costly errors and penalties for taxpayers. Tax practitioners have an obligation to society and to their clients to ensure sound tax compliance.

The Institute of Development Management (IDM) Eswatini in collaboration with the Eswatini Revenue Services (ERS), recently launched a certificate in Beginners Tax to eradicate these problems.

This Certificate is designed to equip participants with practical knowledge of Tax Law and computations. It is aimed at capacitating the taxpayers around Eswatini on issues of income tax, VAT, and tax compliance, including issues of tax returns.

This programme will prepare participants with the knowledge and practical skills to provide tax compliance services by preparing and submitting tax returns, reviewing completed tax records, verifying, and availing source documents.


Tax is an essential part of life and therefore, it is important to have a sound grounding of the principles of taxation. The Beginners Tax Certificate is a short learning programme that will be facilitated for 12 weeks in duration on a part-time basis every Saturday, from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm, face to face and online via Moodle platform. The full course fee is E12 155.


The Beginners Tax Certificate is tailored for anyone interested in learning about the principles of domestic taxes, including tax compliance in Eswatini. The target group includes:

·        Business people

·        Consultants

·        Accountants

·        Bankers

·        Bookkeepers

·        Lawyers

·        Non-Finance Managers

·        Students/graduates from tertiary institutions

Whether you are in the midst of your career or just starting out, this certificate in taxation can make you a more productive, more marketable tax professional.


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Gather and use information from a range of sources and communicate information reliably, accurately, and coherently, using conventions and computerized tools appropriate to the business context of the professional tax practitioner.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of tax administration in Eswatini
  • Describe income tax as a source of Government revenue.
  • Outline and compute gross income.
  • Identify special inclusions.
  • Describe exempt income.
  • Explain and apply the general deduction formula.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of employment income.
  • Understanding VAT regulations and demonstrating knowledge of completing VAT returns.


Interested individuals can send a direct message on Facebook (IDM Eswatini) and request for an application form.

Applicants wishing to apply must submit the following:

1.     IDM application form (Filled in)

2.     Certified copy of your National ID

3.     Certified copy of Form 5 Results/ Matric

For more information contact IDM Eswatini at 76927284/79462559/25504085 or via social media (Facebook IDM Eswatini).

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