The business community has expressed its excitement on the imminent Dialogue on Jobs, bipartite summit which will see apex employer representative organization, Business Eswatini, host the TUCOSWA, the apex employee representative organization, on discussions concerning a wide variety of issues that affect both employers and workers.

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The much publicized Dialogue on jobs, which will also attended by key representatives from International Labour Organization (ILO) is set to kick off on the 10th of May 2022 until the 11th May 2022 and will be moderated by a recognized and experienced facilitator. Worth noting is the highly levels of excitement surrounding the event where key discussion points will seek to dive deep into challenges experienced by both employers and employees within the labour relations space in recent times.

A recent update disseminated to members of Business Eswatini was met with great acceptance, wherein various industry leaders and business expressed their eagerness for the talks to begin. Speaking to Inside Biz, Business Eswatini’s Marketing Manager Mr Mbuso Sacolo noted that Business Eswatini thanks its members “who have come out to show resounding support for the dialogue. Not only did they support us privately, but they were willing to even do it on various public mediums.”

Notable comments expressed by members of the business community included the following:

Dr. Sipho Nkambule (CEO) – Eswatini Cane Growers Association
“We would like to thank Business Eswatini and TUCOSWA for collaborating in this groundbreaking manner. In the work environment, there will always be issues that crop up from time to time which need to be addressed. We are very happy to see organizations which are at the helm of wealth creation working together to find solutions in the labour space and to lay a firm foundation for the future of the business sector.

The agriculture sector, like most industries, is compelled to adopt technology at a fast pace which calls for us to proactively formulate forward-looking plans and strategies to keep pace with these changes and their consequences. Most of these changes dictate that we need to adapt in order to stay relevant and competitive. Technologies are being improved everyday forcing us to address the issue of skills development and upgrade. We are happy that there will also be discussions on how to reskill, upskill and multi-skill our employees. It is our sincerely held principle that development should always strive to strike the delicate balance between wealth creation and sustainable livelihoods for the people of Eswatini in an inclusive manner. We trust that the outcomes of this dialogue will help to improve productivity and ultimately fast-track the economic recovery and development.

Kudos to both Business Eswatini and TUCOSWA for this event and wish them very well as they try to look for solutions of the present and the future.”

Ms. Daphne Mhlanga (Plant Manager) – Afrisam Eswatini
“As AfriSam we would like to express our appreciation to Business Eswatini (BE) and TUCOSWA for the engagement. As members of BE we fully support the BE’s objectives of job preservation, enhancement and creation. We are aware of the desperate situation caused by unemployment and AfriSam has been committed to making a meaningful impact and positively contributing towards the growth and development of Eswatini and its citizens.

We have a broad range of social responsibility programs geared towards providing concrete solutions in the communities in which we do business. Our programs span from education and health to youth development. However, these programs can only go so far to uplift the communities in which we operate. We are thus looking forward to the dialogue and trust that it will have a positive effect.

We are hopeful that some forward-looking solutions will be found and that our employer-employee relations will grow from strength to strength.”

Ms. Zinhle Matsebula (MD) – Lifespan Diagnostics
“The bipartite dialogue initiative has come at the right time where there is a glaring need to address the havoc left by the most recent developments in the country which caused economic stagnation and a high incidence of unemployment. As a company whose passion is to reverse the rife unemployment rates especially among the youth, we are very grateful to BE for the engagement between employers and employees and we have our fingers crossed that it will yield some great outcomes.

As a business sector we are not coping with the rate at which unemployment is growing, hence the need to look at collective solutions to arrest this alarming problem. The job summit will benefit both employers and employees as it will provide a level ground for both parties to unlock the economic dilemmas we need to deal with collectively and harmoniously.

From this dialogue, I also hope the engagements will promote mutual respect among both stakeholders concerned and limit the number of disputes in the workplace.

Our hopes are very high and we are excited about an initiative of this nature.”

The ground-breaking summit has also been endorsed by the likes of Minister of Commerce, Industry & Trade Hon. Senator Manqoba Khumalo, Minister of Labour and Social Security Hon. Phila Buthelezi and Member of Parliament Hon. Marwick Khumalo.

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