Founder of TRACE TV and Magazine Meets Local Print Media Outlets

By Phiwa Sikhondze

Last week, Eswatini had the honour of hosting Claude Grunitzky, the visionary founder of TRACE magazine and TV, the current owner of TRUEAfrica, and the host of the Limitless podcast.

TRUE Africa is a new media-tech platform with all of the next thinking on culture, music, sports, lifestyle, politics, fashion, and tech in Africa and the diaspora. It aims to discover and champion young African voices all over the world.

Grunitzky’s visit, spanning from Monday to Wednesday, was marked by a series of enriching engagements aimed at propelling the nation’s media landscape into the digital age.

Grunitzky, renowned for his innovative contributions to media and digital transformation, met with key print media outlets in Eswatini, emphasizing the critical need for adaptation and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving media environment. His discussions with media practitioners were vibrant, sparking engaging conversations about the future of media and the role of digital platforms.

Drawing from his wealth of experiences, successes, and challenges, Grunitzky inspired local media professionals to rethink traditional approaches and embrace new, innovative strategies. His insights resonated deeply, encouraging a forward-thinking mindset crucial for staying relevant in the digital era.

One of the highlights of Grunitzky’s visit was his interaction with aspiring journalists from Limkokwing University and the University of Eswatini. Addressing the budding journalists, he underscored the importance of exploring digital platforms and seizing opportunities in media entrepreneurship. His words left a lasting impression, motivating the students to pursue innovative pathways in their future careers.

“In this fast-paced digital world, the media must evolve or risk becoming obsolete. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving by embracing new technologies and platforms. The future of journalism lies in your hands. Embrace digital tools, think creatively, and don’t be afraid to take risks. The digital age offers endless possibilities,” Grunitzky remarked.

The impactful program was made possible with invaluable support from Africa Regional Services. Their collaboration ensured that Grunitzky’s visit not only inspired but also provided practical guidance to Eswatini’s media community.

Grunitzky’s visit marks a significant step towards empowering journalists in Eswatini, fostering a culture of media innovation, and promoting digital transformation. His engagement with both established media outlets and young journalists is expected to catalyze positive changes, paving the way for a more dynamic and digitally savvy media landscape in Eswatini.

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