FNB Eswatini Foundation Donates E1.38 Million towards Computer Lab Refurbishment at UNESWA

By Phiwa Sikhondze

The FNB Eswatini Foundation yesterday handed over a donation to the value of E1.38 million to the University of Eswatini (UNESWA) for the refurbishment of the FNB CyberSpace@UNISWA computer lab at the Kwaluseni Campus.

The donation includes 40 new computers, 3 laptops, and other technology and spatial infrastructure. It will enable the university to replace the obsolete and malfunctioning computers in the lab, acquire the three laptops for staff use, and upgrade the technology and spatial infrastructure of the lab. The donation will also enhance the teaching, learning, and community service activities of the university, as well as its vision to be a sustainable public university impacting society and improving lives.

The donation is part of the Foundation’s support for the renovation of the university’s computer lab, which is used by over 800 students for classes that require access to computing resources.

The FNB Eswatini Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports various initiatives in education, health, social welfare, and environmental sustainability. The Foundation has been a long-term partner of UNESWA, supporting its academic and infrastructural development, as well as its students and staff.

FNB Eswatini Foundation Chairman and CEO of FNB Eswatini, Dennis Mbingo, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with UNESWA and commended the University for its Legacy of producing high-grade, hard-working, and innovative talent.

He acknowledged the challenges that the university faces in the era of reduced state subsidies and disruptive technology and urged the university to find an operating model that reduces costs, automates functions, broadens platforms, increases revenue channels, and builds partnerships with the corporate sector.

“We have a collective responsibility to challenge and assist the university to find an operating model that creates an urgent leap into the present – which is informed by the reality of stretched financial resources and the increasing availability of credible alternatives. No competitive edge is infinite, nature dictates that if your model is successful, it will be replicated by others. What helped the university win 50, 40, or even 30 years ago, is unlikely to help win in the future. We are committed to helping, alongside the many other stakeholders who support the university.”

The Vice Chancellor of UNESWA, Professor Thwala, thanked the FNB Eswatini Foundation for its generous donation and its continued support for the university. He said that the donation will help the university achieve its strategic pillars of teaching and learning, research, innovation and enterprise, human resources management and development, stakeholders’ relationship and management, financial sustainability, and institutional effectiveness and efficiency.

“Having a well-resourced computer laboratory will support training of students and staff on digital literacy skills to empower them to conduct research independently to enable the university to reap the enormous benefits availed by digitalized information through the use of high-tech computer laboratories, to empower UNESWA to become the nurturer of Eswatini’s human capital, and to prepare the next generation of future leaders with adequate skills and capacity in an increasingly competitive global environment,” he said.

UNESWA students through their Students Representative Council (SRC) President, Bongumenzi Dlamini, expressed their gratitude for the donation. Dlamini said that the renovated computer lab will provide an improved learning environment and technological resources, empowering the students to excel in their academic pursuits. He also praised FNB for its dedication to education and innovation, and its partnership with UNESWA in providing quality education.

“We are truly grateful for your investment in our institution and the community as a whole. Your dedication to education and innovation is commendable, and we are honored to have FNB as a partner in our mission to provide quality education. The impact of your generosity will be felt for years to come, as it will positively influence the learning experiences of countless students,” Dlamini said.

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