A new day has dawned for economics education as Macmillan Education Eswatini has released an innovative Economics textbook meticulously crafted for Senior Secondary students.

What sets the ‘Economics for Senior Secondary – Learner’s Book’ apart is that it seamlessly aligns with the local syllabus, the EGCSE, and it will revolutionise the way students learn and engage with economics.

Some teachers and pupils in the field of economics say the new textbook could not have arrived at a better time than the start of the 2024 school calendar, as it fills a vacuum in Eswatini’s curriculum of economics.

The textbook is written in a simple and clear style that is engaging enough to entertain learners.

The textbook is a valuable resource that enables learners who are studying economics to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and do well in internal and external examinations. The textbook presents a modern and comprehensive approach to the study of Economics in Eswatini senior secondary schools.

The textbooks’ competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Innovative Content: Learners will stay ahead of the curve with a comprehensive exploration of contemporary economic issues, coupled with real-world examples and case studies. The textbook goes beyond the basics, empowering learners to think critically and apply economic concepts in practical scenarios.
  • Interactive Learning: The engaging and interactive approach fosters a dynamic learning environment. From thought-provoking exercises to vibrant visuals, students will find themselves immersed in the world of economics.
  • Expertly Authored: Crafted by a team of experienced educators and subject matter experts, the textbook reflects the latest pedagogical methods and global economic trends.

“The textbook currently being used was not written specifically for the local conditions and environment of Eswatini and its learners and has foreign concepts that some learners find extremely hard to grasp,” Siphiwe Hlophe, a teacher says.

The ‘Economics for Senior Secondary – Learner’s Book’ fulfills what many stakeholders in the education sector are calling for, which is an increase in local content in the schools’ curriculum. Implementing the local content curriculum enables learners to easily grasp concepts as they are being taught about things and environments that they are familiar with and interact with daily.

“The learners are not alienated from the socio-cultural context in which they live. The textbook is designed for, and addresses, the local syllabus through and through,” says Xolani Dlamini, a teacher.

It is worth emphasising that the ‘Economics for Senior Secondary – Learner’s Book’ book does not seek to replace the subject of Business Studies, or Accounts in the schools. Its purpose is to enhance the economics subject offered in schools with its clear and concise explanations of economic concepts.

Key features of the textbook

  • Learner-centred classroom activities that foster independent learning, helping learners evaluate their understanding of new materials covered.
  • Use of local examples that help learners deepen their understanding of explored concepts.
  • Exam-type end-of-section questions, including suggested answers, which help learners assess their progress throughout the course.
  • High-quality illustrations that promote learner engagement.
  • Modern layout which makes the content easy to navigate.
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