Eswatini Housing Board hands over new house to Senator Prince Mphatfwa

 By Phiwa Sikhondze

The Eswatini Housing Board (EHB) yesterday handed over a new house to Senator Prince Mphatfwa, through the Naku Ekhaya campaign, which was launched to provide affordable and quality housing to emaSwati.

EHB launched the campaign in November 2022 as a way of raising awareness about its commitment to providing affordable housing solutions for emaSwati.

As part of the campaign, EHB partnered with Eswatini Bank by offering 0% deposit and 0% transfer costs to property buyers.

When officially receiving his house, the Prince expressed his gratitude to EBH and Eswatini Bank. He said that this collaboration has been of great help to many EmaSwati out there who had difficulty acquiring property.

“The way Eswatini Bank and EHB have structured this campaign is very helpful to EmaSwati as it gives them easy access to property. As you know the price of property has become too high, and ordinary LiSwati cannot afford it. So, this agreement between Eswatini Bank and Eswatini Housing Board makes it possible for everyone to have shelter,” the prince said.

Dlamini further appreciated the simplicity of the entire process of acquiring property through the Naku Ekhaya campaign, highlighting that it is one of the cheapest ways of acquiring property in Eswatini as no initial deposits are required.

Eswatini Bank representative, Nombuso Thwala praised EHB for being a good and long-standing partner of the bank and highlighted the benefits of the zero percent deposit campaign, which allowed the bank to finance the purchase of property without the need for a cash deposit upfront. She said that the bank’s mandate is to develop the nation, in both rural and urban areas, and that the partnership with the EHB has advanced this mandate, as they have worked together in other townships as well.

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