Ntokozo Nkambule

The Eswatini Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (ESPPRA) is calling for all interested suppliers that are currently providing goods or services and works to procuring entities to register their details for the purposes of developing a Suppliers Directory that will be published on the agency’s website.

The ESPPRA is a Category A public enterprise established as an independent regulatory Agency for public procurement in Eswatini. The Agency was established through section 9 of the Public Procurement Act No.7 of 2011 to provide oversight to all public procuring entities in Eswatini by ensuring efficiency, economy, and value for money, transparency, accountability and ensuring maximum competition while also promoting diverse private sector participation.

The Category A Public enterprise in its business case notes that the Suppliers Directory is intended to be a resource centre for procuring entities in their bid towards understanding the service providers that are available and those that are not available in the market.

ESPPRA observes that with new businesses emerging on a daily basis, procuring entities experience difficulties with obtaining suppliers or service providers of certain commodities and goods leading to low tender response rates and increased failed tenders.

“In cases of limited tenders and single sourcing procurements, procuring entities (PEs) continue to approach the ‘well-known‘ service providers disregarding the new players that have entered the market. The Agency therefore seeks to collect information on all available Suppliers that are currently providing goods, services and works to Procuring Entities and those that will be interested in supplying Public Entities in the future to register their details with the Agency for purposes of developing a Supplier Directory that will be published in the ESPPRA website”

The regulatory agency has also stated that suppliers are not required to submit their eligibility documents at this stage, however will be expected to when participating in a tender and the vetting of eligibility by the procuring entity.

Please see below tables for the Category Items

Category Items

  1. Supplies
  • Services

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