ESCCOM Renews Broadcasting Licenses, Grants Courier Service License

By Phiwa Sikhondze

In a significant development for Eswatini’s communication sector, the Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM) has renewed broadcasting licenses for Channel Yemaswati TV and the Voice of the Church, while also granting a new International & Domestic Commercial Courier Services License to SHIPPII (PTY) LTD.

SHIPII Pty Ltd is a technology and logistics company based in the country and South Africa focuses on delivering peoples parcels within the electronic e-commerce space.

During the ceremony, the Chief Executive (CE) of ESCCOM, Mvilawemphi Dlamini, highlighted the rigorous process involved in the renewal of licenses, emphasizing the importance of technical capability, financial viability, and sustainability of the businesses. The renewal signifies the Commission’s satisfaction with the entities’ continued relevance and viability, despite some challenges.

Dlamini acknowledged the long-standing contributions of Channel YemaSwati TV and the Voice of the Church to the broadcasting sector. Upon reviewing their license renewal applications, the Commission conducted a thorough evaluation and, despite identifying some challenges, deemed the renewal justified.

The CE emphasized that these entities must address the challenges to avoid potential license revocation. He clarified that regulatory frameworks aim to foster growth and ensure service quality, ultimately benefiting the licensees through increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

Dlamini further urged the broadcasters to leverage digital platforms, innovate, and aggressively pursue leadership in their space. He also noted that while regulatory frameworks are designed to catalyze growth and ensure customer satisfaction, non-compliance could lead to punitive measures.

“We implore Channel YemaSwati TV and the VOC to expand its customer base by being innovative and leveraging the digital platforms available. Provide diverse offerings within their programmes and be aggressive in the pursuit of being a leader in their space. The Commission will step up its efforts in ensuring compliance by licensees and as such punitive measures shall be taken for transgressions. We appeal to both entities to have systems and processes in place for compliance,” he said.

For SHIPPII (PTY) LTD, the new license marks a vote of confidence from ESCCOM in its ability to contribute to the country’s economy. The Commission encouraged the company to adhere closely to regulatory frameworks, which are essential for maintaining compliance and successful operations.

 VOC’s National Director, Zechariah Mthethwa expressed appreciation for the work being done by the Commission as they have played a major role in the electronic media space in the country. He said they would do their best to ensure that they continue providing quality programmes for emaSwati. Meanwhile, the founder and Director of Channel YemaSwati, Qhawe Mamba stated that the coming into operation of ESCCOM has professionalized and brought order into the electronic media space.

Sibusiso Khumalo, the co-founder of SHIPPII Pty. Ltd, said they were grateful and appreciated the trust and support displayed by ESCCOM through the granting of the license. He said the license would go a long way in ensuring that they meet their business aspirations which is being a market leader in the e-commerce courier space.

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