ERS Officially Takes Over Government Revenue Collection Today

By Phiwa Sikhondze

In a landmark shift to enhance efficiency and service delivery, the Eswatini Revenue Service (ERS) officially starts implementing the “Revenue Takeover” project today, taking over government revenue collection, and marking a new chapter in the country’s economic management.

This is a strategic move to centralize non-tax revenue collection and streamline fiscal operations across government ministries. The initiative aims to transfer the responsibility of collecting both tax and non-tax revenue to the ERS, as stipulated by the Revenue Authority Act of 2008, improving efficiency and accountability in revenue management.

This strategic transition was officially launched on April 17, 2024, by the Acting Minister for Finance on the day, Mabulala Maseko. He said the transition signifies a major step towards streamlining revenue collection in line with the Revenue Authority Act of 2008.

From today, May 2, 2024, all payments previously administered by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade including company registration fees, trading license fees, and liquor licensing fees, will be facilitated at ERS service centers across the country.

The ERS stated during the launch that the public will also be able to pay using MoMo or on their POS machines. Furthermore, the Revenue Service has promised that it will expand more convenient payment options going forward.

The public has long voiced concerns over the inefficiencies and long queues at government revenue centers. With the ERS now at the forefront, there is a strong belief that such issues will be addressed effectively, mirroring the agency’s proficiency in tax collection.

The ERS, a semi-autonomous revenue administration agency, operates within the broad framework of the government but outside of the civil service. Its transition to handling non-tax revenue marks a significant shift in payment procedures, aiming to provide the public with the best service.

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