The Eswatini Revenue Service (ERS) continues with efforts to ensure that clients comply with their respective tax obligations.

The Service today launched ‘Sondzela Sikhulume Campaign’ which aims to encourage clients, both individuals and businesses, to proactively engage with the ERS to explore tailored solutions for managing their tax matters.

ERS Commissioner General (CG) Brightwell Nkambule when making his remarks at the launch noted that the campaign is part of their strategy to ensure that they meet clients halfway.

“Since transitioning from an Authority to a Service in 2022 we have launched several initiatives which meet clients halfway and ensure that the level of compliance increases. Such initiatives include the tax debt relief, client appreciation day, automated TCC, and taxpayer education.”

Nkambule disclosed that these initiatives have led to positive outcomes which include a reduction in debt-to-revenue ratio, improved voluntary compliance, and recognition by customer service professionals, as well as above inflation increase in domestic and SACU Revenue.

The CG clarified that the Sondzela Sikhulume Campaign is not a continuation of the tax debt relief, nor is it linked to it.

“The tax debt relief programme elapsed in October 2022 and we do not foresee it being implemented again in the future. We were initially warned by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to implement it, but as a Service and a country we justified its rationale, particularly because it was against the COVID-19 pandemic backdrop, and several businesses were under a lot of strain. However, as much as the tax debt relief programme will not be rolled out again, our doors as the ERS are open for clients so we try and offer them tailored solutions should they have challenges with their tax obligations.”

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