EIPA to Host Consultative Meetings & Workshops for One-Stop-Shop Service Facility

The Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority (EIPA) has received support from the International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint agency of the World Trade Centre and the United Nations, funded through the European Union to begin the process of operationalizing the “One-Stop-Shop” Mandate.

The one-stop-shop service facility involves streamlining and consolidating approval formalities for investors under one roof, currently being discharged by various government entities.

The consultative process aims to ensure that business licensing functions, such as business registration, trade licenses, and permit applications amongst other functions are offered by a single inter-ministerial and inter-agency entity under one roof and are offered expeditiously to investors.

EIPA will host the ITC from the 26th to the 29th of February 2024 and the exercise will culminate in a capacity-building workshop for a wide variety of selected government and private sector entities

Mr. Sibani Mngomezulu, EIPA Chief Executive Officer, gives some background to this project, “In light of this context, and the new government’s commitment to radically transforming the Eswatini economy for the betterment of emaSwati, the Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority (EIPA) sought and acquired technical assistance from global partners to confront the challenges faced in approving investor applications. The ultimate objective of the One-Stop-Shop is for efficient service delivery to investors by ensuring fast-tracked approval processes. Moreover, the incorporation of technology will quicken the process and facilitate more fair and transparent interactions with government agencies, and regulatory and approving state institutions by cutting down waiting times and ensuring convenience.

The consultative meetings will involve high-level meetings and technical workshops incorporating round tables for public and private sector-level players.

Mr. Mngomezulu concludes, “The government is committed to seeing this process through to improve the business climate in Eswatini and, ultimately, facilitate greater investment to create jobs for emaSwati. We look forward to the full participation of stakeholders.

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