Ebomini Consulting Hosts Eswatini Data Protection Masterclass

By Phiwa Sikhondze

Following the enactment of the Data Protection Act in March 2022, Ebomini Consulting has held the Data Protection Eswatini Masterclass at Happy Valley Hotel in an effort to capacitate local organizations about compliance regarding the Act.

The Data Protection Act of 2022 is a crucial piece of legislation that will make sure that personal data is handled, kept, and used responsibly by all organizations in the country.

The act imposes rules that have broad ramifications for organizations of all sizes, including enterprises, institutions, and governmental organizations, and it applies to every Eswatini body that manages personal data.

According to the Act, organizations that handle personal data stand to face a fine of up to E5 million whenever they are found to have breached the Data Protection Act.

As a result, Ebomini Consulting hosted the “Ebomini Eswatini Data Protection Masterclass” for local organizations. The training was designed to equip local organizations with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the significant areas of data protection with confidence.

According to Ebomini Consulting, the training was necessitated by the increasing reports of data security and cybercrime cases around the globe.

Speaking as one of the panelists in the training, Pauline Sehlabela, the Director and Principal Consultant of Ebomini Consulting highlighted that the training was to help organizations navigate and understand the intricacies of the Act.

She emphasized that the common attacks on company systems are not to disturb operations but to fish data, hence the need to be well-versed in the pivotal spheres of data protection.

“It is worth really understanding that as the phenomenon of data is growing, we are realizing the threats of cybercrimes that are being done in organizations. The one thing they are really after is not to stop you from working, they are after the data, and that is the ultimate goal. Data is an important commodity that we should always protect,” she said.

Paul Mullon, a data protection specialist and also the Director Principal Consultant, and Trainer at CorConcepts unpacked the Data Protection Act and navigated its implementation.

In addition to explaining the key concepts of Data Protection, Mullon elaborated on the legal framework and compliance requirements. In his closing remarks, Mullon highlighted the significance of prompt implementation of the Data Protection Act and encouraged organizations to immediately start the implementation.

“There are two best times to plant a tree, it is 20 years ago and today. So, the best time to start implementing this Act is today,” he said.

On another note, the Royal Eswatini Police Services’ Chief Information and Communications Officer, Phindile Vilakati encouraged organizations to utilize the information shared during the training. She mentioned that having Data Protection systems makes tracking of cyber cases much easier hence organizations should start implementing them immediately.

Present during the Masterclass were companies from both the private and public sectors, government agencies, individuals, and various stakeholders.

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