E15 Million Residential Gated Estate Proposed At Ezulwini

By Ntokozo Nkambule

Wendwill Properties a subsidiary of Libuyile Properties, a company fully owned by the Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF) is proposing to develop a residential gated estate at Ezulwini worth E15 million (E15 052 155.67).

The proposed township will be known as the Twiggs Gated Estate and is situated a few metres away from the Gables Shopping Complex and is adjacent to the Ezulwini Eco-Estate. It is accessed through Buhleni road and is near the Lusushwana River.

The proposed estate will offer sixty (60) medium stand-alone plots, high-density duplex apartments, and public open space with a children’s play area. The plots will range from 750m2-1305m2 in size.

Scope of the Project

ZoningLand UsePlot SizesNo Plots or Units
Residential High DensityDuplex Apartments Duplex Apartments10 078m2 10 008m21 Plot 1 Plot
Residential (Medium Density)Single Family Housing Lots750m2- 1 305m260 Plots
Public Open SpacePark750m2I Plot
Public FacilityNursery Garden3280m21 Plot

In its Motivational Memorandum Wendwill Properties states that Ezulwini requires residential property housing following the development that is taking place in the town.

“Ezulwini has experienced growth in the office and retail space in the last five years, while residential development has not yet occurred. This is because the amount of residential land that is available in the area is limited, and no large portions are available for the construction of substantial residential estates.”

The Motivational Memorandum further notes that Wendwill Properties as a subsidiary of Libuyile Properties, a company owned by PSPF will have available funds to finance the development of the township. This means the project will be self-funded.

Furthermore, Wendwill Properties says the main purpose of establishing the human settlement is to develop the site with a vision to create a pleasant and safe yet affordable gated residential housing estate that will appeal to a large variety of income groups.

In terms of scenic beauty, Wendwill Property states that the duplex apartment occupants will enjoy spectacular views of the river since they will overlook the Lusushwana River.

“The residents of the estate will benefit from the ambiance of the riverine area where one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the natural features and use of jogging and walking trails to be created along the river. The development scheme will also have recreational facilities for entertainment, relaxation, and other leisure needs which will include a park where kiddie’s events can be held.”

Regarding infrastructure services, Wendwill Properties notes that they will provide their own infrastructure which includes internal roads, water and sewer systems, and electricity supply.

In its application, the property company reveals that Eswatini Water Services Corporation (EWSC), will provide portable water services. In contrast, Eswatini Posts and Telecommunication Corporation (EPTC), will provide telecommunication services to the area.

The estate will connect to the Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) grid. However, the property stated that smart energy systems such as solar power systems, advanced climate control, and lighting control will be utilized.

The Motivational Memorandum was prepared by the UrbPlan & Environmental Consultants.

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