Business Eswatini Congratulates New MPs of the 12th Parliament

The voting process has now ended and the people of the Kingdom of Eswatini have spoken.

This is according to a Press Release issued by the management of Business Eswatini.

“On behalf of the President of BE and his Board of Directors, the secretariat would like to congratulate the new MPs and acknowledge their victory in the elections. As BE, we would like to believe that they will have the best interest of the country at heart in the next five years of their dutiful service.”

“It is remarkable to note that this new crop of MPs is predominantly young and we hope that they will channel their exuberance of youth towards legislative measures that will serve to grow our economy and create the much-needed employment opportunities, especially for

The organization has urged legislators not to neglect the business sector as this would be tantamount to undermining the very dreams and aspirations shared by the voting public.

“The private sector is the engine for economic growth and job creation on which our country’s aspirations for prosperity and a better future for all are predicated.  It is also the private sector we rely upon to create the jobs and national wealth that we all desperately seek for our socially inclusive development agenda as a country.”

BE also acknowledged aspiring MPs who tossed their hat into the ring but were unsuccessful in securing a victory.

“BE would like to believe that their participation in the race was a good thing, if only for the purposes of widening the competitive rivalry and enriching the socio-political space and discourse. We thank them for their courage in joining the race and their poise and grace in the wake of defeat. We say to them: ‘Akulahlwa mbheleko ngakufelwa’.”

BE concluded by acknowledging the work done by the EBC in executing what is now widely regarded to have been a generally hassle-free election, with minimal disruptions and undue protestations.

The apex business organization also lauded the role played by the Royal Science & Technology Park in the elections.

“We feel they pulled it off and their success was, in no small part, also due to the elections app developed by RSTP which played a crucial role in terms of real-time information updates. We congratulate RSTP too. Granted, the app is still a work in progress and we hope it will be fully refined by the next election cycle.”

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